Fire Risk Assessment

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Fire Alarms

AOV Service Certification

We can make your life easier AND save you money.

Fires are every business owners’ worst nightmare. They damage property, injure employees, put people out of business and take lives.

To comply with the law, steer clear of costly fines and keep you, your business and your employees safe, you’re legally required to regularly service your fire devices and have an up-to-date fire risk assessment in place – and that’s where we come in.

Before And After a Fire:

before fire after fire

The right choice for your business

Palmtree fire services can offer you a local wide range of fire services to suit your requirements, carried out by competent, qualified engineers.

Fire alarms installed and serviced

All electrical works

Fire training

Fire risk assessments

Fire doors installed

Passive fire protection

Fire extinguishers installed and serviced

Emergency lights installed and serviced

Fire signage installed

Fire safety

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